Carnwath Manor

The ornate three story structure known as the Carnwath Manor was constructed in 1850 by William Willis, and was the first building on the Carnwath Estate and designed by Andrew Jackson Downing.

In 1870, many renovations took place at the mansion by Francis Rives and his son Reginald, including the large rounded additions, servant’s quarters, and large rear kitchen. This is also when the style of the Carnwath Manor was changed to a Georgian Style which was preferred by 19th century architects.

Around 1910, the estate was sold to Isaac Untermyer, an attorney who defended Boss Tweed. Tweed was a corrupt N.Y.C. mayor and leader of the scandalous Tammany Hall political party. Then in 1925 Carnwath was sold to a friary known as the Order of the Brothers of Hermits.

When the Order of the Brothers of Hermits sold Carnwath in 1980 to Greystone Programs Inc., it had fallen into disrepair, water damage quickly took over to ornate mansion. Then in 1999 the Town of Wappinger purchased the estate from Greystone, with the goal of someday restoring Carnwath Manor and the rest of Carnwath Farms to its former glory!

When the Carnwath Manor is restored…

When the historic Carnwath Manor is restored the building will be utilized as a museum, where visitors of the Hudson Valley can learn of the rich history of Carnwath and the prominent people who lived and frequently visited here. The first floor parlors, dining room, library, offices, and servant’s quarters and second floor bedrooms, and parlors will be restored and opened to the public as what it would have been like to live here at Carnwath. While the third floor would house the administrative offices and conference rooms for the Friends of Carnwath, and any local organization.

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                                                                     Friends of Carnwath