Carnwath Farms HSP: The Estate Grounds and Gardens

 When first constructed in 1850, Carnwath once had beautiful gardens, orchards, and farmland for her occupants to enjoy.  Since then much of the romantic landscape of the estate has disappeared. In 2009, several members of the Friends of Carnwath Farms started restoring the grounds and gardens to their former glory. Stop on by this year to see our NEW expanding gardens. The gardens can be found throughout the park.

Also found throughout the site are breathtaking Hudson River views, and at the farthest vantage the Shwanagunk and Catskill Mountains.

The Wappinger Greenway Trail is the best way to connect with the natural and scenic locations within the site.

The Overlook Gazebo is a great place to sit and pack a picnic lunch overlooking the Hudson River. The gazebo is located on a concrete patio surrounded by wild flowers in front of the Carriage House.

If you would like to volunteer in the gardens or anywhere else at Carnwath Farms Historic Site & Park, click here

Visitor Guides:

General Tourism Brochure of Carnwath Farms HSP

Guide to the Birds of Carnwath Farms HSP

Map of Wappinger Greenway Trail (Carnwath Farms HSP)